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We are excited to announce that Scout’s Own has expanded its product line beyond maple syrup with its new locally produced pancake mix.

When you purchase Scout’s Own products online, the sales go directly towards supporting local Scouts in northern Ohio. When you purchase Scout’s Own products directly from a Scout, you are supporting that Scout’s adventures.
Scouts Own Special Reserve

Scout’s Own Special Reserve

 $25.00 per 16 fl. oz. bottle • Pure • Grade A • Amber • Superior taste ORDER

Scout’s Own Maple Syrup

$12.00 per 8 fl. oz. bottle • Pure • Grade A • Dark color • Robust taste ORDER

Scout Own Pancake Mix

Easy Morning Pancake Mix

 $10.00 per 1 lb bag

• All natural • No trans fat • GMO free • Low fat ORDER

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Register your pack or unit to sell Scout’s Own products by creating a unit coordinator account. Unit coordinator accounts allow you to order products in bulk online and have it delivered to one of three convenient pick-up locations.

Sappy’s Story

The Scout’s Own program is possible because of the numerous maple trees at Beaumont Scout Reservation. Several years ago, the council was approached by some entrepreneurs who leased the trees on the north side of the main road for Maple Sap production. After several years of observing their process, we learned that we could manage the process ourselves. Through a generous gift from the Gries family, we were able to purchase the equipment to get the Maple Syrup production up and running. Beaumont Scout Reservation has around 9,200 taps in this section of the woods, meaning in an ideal year we can produce up to 150,000 gallons of maple sap. This, in turn, means close to 2,700 gallons of Maple Syrup. Scouts in the Lake Erie Council who sell Scout’s Own will have a direct connection to the environment in which it is produced by coming to camp Yours in Scouting,  Sappy the Maple Leaf Scout’s Own Product Specialist

Have Sappy come to your event!


For more information about Scout’s Own please contact:

Heather McMillian

Product Ordering


John Fabsits 

Unit Funding


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Bill Roloff

Product Production